What is a Walkscape

A Walkscape is a walk to explore an area, a landscape, a territory and learn about its transformations.

A walk that invites to look, listen, draw, write, photograph, collect, store and finally reconstruct the history and identity of a place through hidden tracks and seemingly insignificant details.

Select the tool that you prefer: cameras, tablet, mobile phones, notebooks for writing and drawing to collect and build stories. Every time a person goes through the path shown, the path becomes a new story, to live and to share.

With Almaloci we collectively assess the area to discover its soul capturing the signs hidden in the places, people, stories and their history to annotate, gather, learn, know, share with others.

Almaloci is in its early stage of implementation and collects only a part of Walkscape organized in recent months by Etra and local institutions. With the work of other schools, institutions and organizations we will expand our geographic coverage. We started at the beginning of June 2016 with the first initiatives in Pesaro and surroundings.

There are two types of WalkScape available: the Assisted WalkScape and the DIY WalkScape . For the first you need the presence of an operator, commissioned by the organization that created the walkscape and able to follow one or more WalkScaper (it’s you) on the theme proposed by the route: you need to pick an appointment on the day and in the hour and at a predetermined place to start the Walkscape. The web site will offer a series of documents and multimedia supports "on demand" in order to expand the information that the mere sight of the places is not able to offer.

In the second case the visitor is able to follow by himself the path shown on the web site and can directly use the materials proposed without time constraints or meeting points consistent with the public opening of the places to visit. In each caseThe paths are easily adaptable and can be viewed on Smartphones and Tablets without the need of a dedicated app: you simply need a mobile Internet connection.

You can use the internal search engine to find the walscape near you, today or in the coming days maybe in coincidence of a journey for business or tourism.