In Pontevecchio, a small community in the heart of Vallefoglia, a collector has donated an extraordinary collection of objects that tell of the rural world. The administration placed them in a space of timeless beauty: an ancient mill, then a hydroelectric power station that overlooks the river and a bridge destroyed by the war and which remains so.

From the visit to Museo della mezzadria, a route starts which crosses the brigands' road, the Grossi band, and reaches Cagolino, a small group of houses now almost deserted with a church, public bathrooms and a small wash house.

And finally we arrive at La fattoria del borgo, where two entrepreneurs from rural life today give life to a commercial activity but also to numerous cultural and social projects of great international importance. Young people from all over the world come to the farm, scholars and researchers, but also a group of long-lived people who live in the area and who live experiences of personal growth through meetings, courses and events shared and planned together.

In the shadow of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Montefabbri, today memories and projects are activated, wash houses are restored and contemporary sculptures are installed, intellectually curious people pass by to bring and/or take ideas.

All this in a landscape frame that is undergoing great transformation but is still profoundly ancestral, in which the landscape, as Roberto Vecchiarelli says, is a palimpsest: continuously rewritable and always new to tell.