The Raffaello to Genga tour, starts from the Renaissance city of Urbino, going through the Cesane woods and crosses the countryside of Montefeltro, includes stops and visits along the way.

The whole tour fits perfectly to the celebrations of the 500 years of Raffaello Sanzio. In fact the two painters (Raffaello and Genga) are linked not only from an artistic point of view but also from their own families: the grandparents of Genga (Piero di Andrea da Genga) and Raphael (Sante di Peruzzolo da Colbordolo), came from these places . Both the grandparents of the Painters together with the populations of these hills for various vicissitudes found refuge in nearby cities. Furthermore Giovanni Santi (father of Raphael) was originally from Colbordolo, while the Genga family owned a estate in these lands and Genga himself came here to spend the last years of his life.

The Tour will therefore also be a way to recall the stories of the people of the Valle del Foglia, who over the years have had to move from the countryside and the Castles to survive landslides, hydrogeological instability, battles, changed economic conditions also due to the Papal domination of the our region before the unification of Italy. It will be a unique opportunity to rediscover the close historical, artistic and gastronomic links between  Urbino

Ducale and the Valle del Foglia, going through wonderful and well preserved villages and castles.