Build a Walkscape

Are you an educational institution and would you like to promote knowledge of the territory, the history and the citizenship, the craftmanship and the local values?

Are an administrative institution and would you like to spread an active knowledge of the territory with a direct approach to nature, history, in testimonials of citizens, their jobs and their works?

Are you a Digital Promoter of innovative tools that attracts the students' interest in learning and do you like making them the main actors of a work about discovery or revival of a knowledge baggage directly linked to the history of the place in which they live?

Are a writer of a book that features the experience, the territory, the architecture, the building, the materials of your land?

Do you collaborate to a FabLab-oriented reconstruction of territorial elements no longer current or documentation of areas not open to the public?

Through Almaloci we can offer an easily searchable tool to citizens, tourists and curious to find out, moving, new content and new opportunities for cultural and civil growth.

Through the courses, Etra can offer you all the methodological and technical knowledge to use digital technology and with the publication on Almaloci we can create new opportunities for promotion. The costs are affordable for even the smallest organization or local association. Write us to learn more.

For entering a walkscape you need to have a responsible for the content copyrighted and after our training, a technician responsible for uploading data on the platform.